الخميس، 21 أغسطس 2008

fear of wedding night:

for men : - be your self not a part of a flm of experience of your friends.- be relaxed you r nt in an limited time exam - be in a good shape and odour.- you have rest of your life to try all form of sex>- try to build a relation with your wife it is nt a mechanical procedure.- mind not the body is the entrance for sexual satisfaction.- dnt spectatoring or monitor your self just act what do you feel.- kises and hugs and foreplay are the tool for socializing your marital relation- remember that wards and imagination is the gate for love- love leads to successful sex life- fine touch to the body of your wife is better than being aggressively sex in 1st time.- as much you want to satisfy and love your wife your feedback .- remember they r wedding nights not just one night- reassure your wife .- as much as you get your wife aroused , she ll nt feel pain .- sex is a dual relationship you make a bond with your wife .- dnt be shy that your shy , it s nice to be your 1st time with your bloved repectable wife.- avoid using drugs or alcohol ( except under medical supervision) as you need your self to experience that date. for women:- try to be nice as your husband like you to be.- love is your tool.- 0ff course avoid being in menstrual cycle or just before , to be in a good mood.- be relaxed it is nt an exam , million of women did it before you and they r happy ,- dnt concentrate on bad experience, as usually it is a disease or exaggeration of ignorant friends- trust your love and your husband.- try to think that you build a relation with your husband .- chatting , kissing , hugs foreplay it is your keys for successful sex life.- dnt shy to show your interests or satisfaction as this help reassurance for your husband.- avoid using drugs or alcohol ( except under medical supervision)- some wives are obsessd by being not virgin , this worries need reassurance and medical consultation and advice. some wives need consultation for execessive worries, which may make the wife to avoid the sexual intercourse ,

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